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7 Best Quick Access Gun Safe on Amazon Reviewed

Seven Cream Of The Crop Quick Access Gun Safe You Can Bet Your Life On

While the specs are essential, the first thing you need to consider when buying a gun safe is how you will use it. When you are keeping firearms for protection, you will want it to be as close to you as possible and be able to access it without wasting a second. A quick access gun safe is designed precisely to protect and provide quick access to your guns.

There are easily a few hundred gun safe models out there, but you just need one for your pistol. And of course, you want the best one, and it has to be well within your budget too. So let’s cut to the chase and here are 7 of the best-rated models in the marketplace. Compare them and choose the ideal one for yourself.

1. SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe, Single Gun Capacity, QAP1BE

SentrySafe QAP1BE
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With its innovative biometric technology, this SentrySafe QAP1BE model is probably the best quick access gun safe in its class.

And it is certified to the California DOJ requirements, which only means you can buy guns with the required ownership of a DOJ approved gun safe (Firearm Safety Device). And not forgetting you must also have a valid Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC).

Features, Size, And Construction

The interior of this SentrySafe model measures 2.2 (H) X 6.6 (D) X 9.7 (W) inches, and this makes the safe suitable for most of the conventional handgun models. The 12-gauge steel body offers unparallel protection against heavy punches, and the pry-resistant door secures everything in it against unauthorized access.

Measuring 3.2 (H) X 9.9 (D) X 12.1 (W) inches externally, it is compact for stowing under the car seat or compartment. And because of the speed of access with the biometric lock, most users are using this QAP1BE as a permanent fixture in their vehicle.

Compression gas strut activates the top-opening door quickly and silently. You only need to swipe your registered finger on the scanner once, the door springs open almost instantly, and you reach in for your gun. You can’t get any faster than that.

The Locking Mechanism

You have 3 ways to access your guns with this SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe. There is the programmable code which you can set to 4, 5, or 6 digits to unlock the safe via 4 buttons.

And a set of barrel keys to override the biometric or electronic locking system in the event of weak or flat batteries. Or under whatever circumstances that the electronics failed you.

Then, of course, there is the everyone’s favorite biometric lock which works every time regardless if you have dirt or grease on your fingers. And you can save two users’ fingerprint on the biometric, which allow two fingers from each user. This feature will enable another family member to have access to the handgun in case you aren’t home.

The cool part is you can use in combination with the button and the biometric to open the safe. Or just the fingerprint scanner. And even on the scanner you can tap and swipe or just a smooth, easy swipe to open the safe door. So play with it and find your favorite way to access your gun.

There is no audible feedback with the electronics, bio or button. So you won’t alert the intruder unnecessarily and endanger yourself and your family.

Programming of the code and biometric is straightforward. Just follow the steps in the easy to understand owner’s manual you will get it done in no time.

How Convenient Is the Access?

As mentioned earlier, the compression gas strut automatically flips open the door in a swift upward motion once unlock; there is no Step 2 to lift up the door. In fact, Step 2 is your hand going for the gun and all ready to get out of harm’s way.

Whether you are using the buttons or the biometric to unlock the safe, it’s a one-hand operation. And you don’t even need to touch the door at all.

One good suggestion is that since each user can save 2 fingerprints in the system, make it one from each hand. So under any situation, whichever sides you are with the safe, either hand is free to do the unlocking. You can minimize any awkward and time-wasting movements in the face of danger.

What Are The Disadvantages?

The most complaint this SentrySafe pistol safe received is the short battery life. Typically the batteries will last for about two months, according to the complaints. It makes you check the battery state now and then consciously to ensure it won’t fail you in times of need.

The other disadvantage is the top opening door which limits your access options. The safe can only be placed or mounted on a horizontal flat surface. You can’t mount it on the wall or vertically for side access.


The short battery life may not go well with some users for having to check the battery state regularly. But is it necessarily a bad thing? That will depend on how you view it. On a positive note, at least it raises your consciousness when safety and security are concerned. Which, you shouldn’t take them for granted at all cost.

Overall, you will still find this SentrySafe QAP1BE quick access gun safe to be secure, reliable and easy to use. And that’s what matters most even if you have to check the batteries on a weekly basis.

Read more reviews on Amazon and find out what a user did to work around the short battery life and how he mounts the safe on the wall and have it working just fine.

2. GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe

GunVault SpeedVault SV500
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This handgun safe is more like a handgun holder with access security built-in to prevent toddlers or small kids from getting their little hands on your weapon. It is more suitable for self-defense purpose rather than as a safe storage for your gun.

The drop-down drawer design is what makes this model stand out from the rest. If you need quick access to your gun and be ready to fire a shot from a place like your work desk, behind the counter, or even from your bed, you will love how quick you can draw your gun with this Gunvault SV500 gun safe.

You can mount this thing on virtually any piece of furniture – nightstand, desk, cabinet, or even in a vehicle depending on your needs and preferences.

Design, Size and Construction

This GunVault SV500 SpeedVault safe is just like a gun holder, once unlocked you can do a quick draw, point, and shoot. If this is your idea of a best quick access gun safe, then this is made for you.

The model has an interior measurement of 2.25 (W) x 5.75 (D) x 8.5 (H) inches, so a standard handgun should fit in perfectly. Even a 1911 fits just fine.

The 18-gauge steel construction makes it safe enough from curious little fingers but never count on it for any high-impact punches or a deliberate rip by a heavy-duty shear or plier cutter.

As mentioned before, this is more of a strategic use for self-defense more than as a safe storage for your firearms. As much as possible, you should install it at a place you are often at, and there is the anticipated risk of an attack.

The exterior dimension is 3.5 (W) x 6.5 (D) x 13 (H) inches. So it is compact enough for a discreet location like under a cash counter, work desk, between the nightstand and bed, or even in your car.

Protective foam liner filled the interior serves two purposes. One is, of course, to protect your gun from scratches and the other is to hold the gun steady in position when the drawer drops down upon unlock.

And in case you are wondering, yes, this SpeedVault safe is California DOJ Approved.

Locking and Accessibility

There is two version for this GunVault’s SpeedVault Handgun Safe. You can choose either the biometric lock version or the 4 buttons combination locking system.

But it was suggested by some users to avoid the biometric model if you have kids around. There are mix reactions on this issue; it can be hard to judge on without a consistent bad or good.

So to be on the safe side, go for the combination lock version. And you will see why with the combo lock you won’t have to worry about your kids messing and accessing your firearm.

The combination lock has over 12 Million possibilities over 4 buttons. Yes, you read right, that’s four buttons no fluff. Now not to confuse you but they are not numeric buttons. There is no number, or letter, or symbol on the buttons, nothing.

So the way the button works is by pressing them in a combination of patterns. You can program to press 2 diagonal buttons and count as 1 input, and press 3 buttons together for the second input and so on. Or simply hit 1 or all 4 buttons to count as 1 input. And you can set from 3 up to a maximum of 6 input as your combination code.

As you can see, the chances of your little ones hitting the right code combination are almost impossible. And with a little practice with entering the code, you will be able to access your weapons in a flash.

Then there is always the possibility of you forgetting the code. No worries, a set of backup override keys are included. So you can re-program a new code anytime. And it is also a good practice to change your code regularly.

Other Notable Features

The interior LED light is great when you are trying to access your gun in a dim light location like under your desk or counter. The brightness of the white LED light is just enough to guide you to your gun. It lights up from the moment the door is released, and last for about 10 seconds before it goes off.

Then you have the audible beep whenever a key is punched. But don’t worry you can mute it easily after you are done with programming the security code.

Another level of security is the Security Sleep Mode feature. When 24 failed attempts at the code entry, it activates the Sleep Mode for 2 minutes. During this 2 minutes, the keypad will not accept any entries.

And the best part, there is the Tamper Detect feature where you can check for any invalid code entry. You can check by holding down 2 buttons on the keypad, and either a red or green light will appear to show whether tampering has been detected or not. With this feature, you will be able to know if your kids have been around and playing with the safe.

What about the Disadvantages?

Some users complained about the winding sound the lock makes when locking and unlocking. Especially during unlocking, you may risk alerting the intruder and endangering yourself.

And it would be nice if the internal LED light can be switched off as desired. You probably don’t need the light when you are so used to the safe. In a pitch dark environment, the otherwise low lumen light can become glaring and attract unwanted attention.

The Verdict

Compare to the rest; this GunVault SV500 SpeedVault safe is bar none the best quick access gun safe you can ever find in the marketplace. You can’t get any faster than this when ‘battle ready’ is not an option.

Unique in design with quick access being the primary focus, it still offers a high degree of access protection from the young and innocent. But not as a safe storage for your gun obviously.

So at the very least, you should consider carefully about where you will need to install this SV500 gun safe; away from the kids and easy access for you at the same time.

If there are no kids in the house or like in a retail shop setting, for example, the biometric model will be a better option. Especially when you are in a hostile situation, placing your thumb or finger on the biometric scanner is definitely more discreet and intuitive than punching buttons.

Find out what other users are saying about this GunVault SV500 on Amazon.

3. Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL
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So you prefer a safe that will let you have quick access to your gun in times of need and as a safe storage for your pistol? Then this Viking Security Safe VS-25BL is a good option you may want to consider.

Unlike a lot of the biometric safes you may have come across which are glitchy, this Viking Security Safe model is one that has a reliable biometric lock system. This reliability is vital as it gives you the peace of mind knowing your firearms are always safe from your kids and from falling into the wrong hands.

But it may not be suitable for you if you are 55 years of age and above. Let’s find out why.

Dimension & Construction

With an interior dimension of 9.5” (H) x 13.5” (W) x 8.5” (D) you can easily place two full-size 1911, and it comes with a sturdy shelving (adjustable) which can hold 2 or 3 magazines and plenty of ammunition.

The fully welded body is of 2mm thick steel plate, and the door is an impressive 5mm which make this safe one of the strongest quick access gun safe in the marketplace. It’s hefty 27 lbs weight is quite a drag for a getaway burglary.

And of course, you can bolt this stud down on 4 pre-drilled holes with the provided anchor bolts. This way will make it impossible to remove without tremendous force.

The all carpeted interior protects your gun and other valuables from scratches. And the internal LED lighting makes it easy for you to locate items under poor lighting condition. So you don’t have to rummage through the content.

Not forgetting the fully adjustable shelf offers better organization of your firearms and ammunition for even quicker access.

The external dimension is a compact 10” (H) x 14”(W) x 10” (D), makes it easy to mount this Viking safe almost anywhere in the house. And the scratch resistant powder coat finish protects the steel body from rust and corrosion.

How Secure Can it Be?

The motorized deadbolt locking mechanism with two 20 mm diameter solid steel lock bars make this VS-25BL Viking safe resistant to prying attacks.

And with a little creativity, you can make prying even more challenging by mounting the safe deep within an enclosure. With all 4 sides of the safe closely wrap by the enclosure wall, the safe is hidden and render whatever prying tools useless without tearing away the enclosure walls.

Pry attack is always a last resort when hacking attempts at the lock fails. That is what a good manufacturer will focus on when they have the best locking system in place.

The Biometric Fingerprint Reader is an upgraded 500 DPI optical fingerprint reader, and it meets the minimum resolution of an FBI-compliant scanner. This high-resolution scanner is precisely why this Viking VS-25BL is so reliable compared to most biometric safes in the same class.

And in case the biometric fails (very unlikely) you can still have access via the Numeric Digital Keypad. Even in the worst scenario when the electronics failed, or due to flat batteries, there are the backup keys to the rescue.

You can save up to 32 fingerprints and 1 PIN code of 4-8 digits. The safe memory is non-volatile, which means all information is retained even when the batteries are removed.

What Else Is There?

You can operate this smart little tough guy with sound or in silent mode. And it will give a warning beep if the door is left unlocked for over 1 minute.

There is a 2 minutes timeout period when 5 incorrect PINs or 10 wrong fingerprints attempts are registered. When that happens, you will not get any response from the lock in the 2 minutes.

Oh, it even comes with a warning. And that is the little disclaimer in the owner’s manual that says;

“Not recommended for age group 55 and above. Due to thinning fingerprints ALL fingerprint readers will lose accuracy with increasing age.”

But according to some users who are apparently in that age group, the fingerprints detection still works like a charm.

Any Drawbacks?

The sound the lock makes when unlocking is clearly audible. When you are trying not to alert an intruder, who could be just a few feet away, this is not good.

And it seemed the majority of the complaints are related to quality control. So if you do receive the safe in a less than perfect condition, you can always choose to return it for a replacement or a full refund.


Overall this is a well-built safe for securing your pistol and other sensitive items. And the reliable high-resolution biometric lock system is always a nice feature for a quick access gun safe.

Other than some quality issues faced by some users, the majority is satisfied with this Viking Security Safe model VS-25BL.

However, one question is still looming among those who are contemplating to acquire this excellent product.

Is this VS-25L a DOJ certified biometric safe?

Nowhere in the company’s official website states that it is. And at the time this review post was written, neither can it be found in the official DOJ list of Approved Firearm Safety Devices. But this may change in the future.

So will the lack of DOJ certification affects your decision to buy this Viking Security Safe? Find out why other users are unfazed by this DOJ thing on Amazon.

4. Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe Quick Access Electronic Pistol Security Box

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe
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If you have more than one gun and you want to keep several accessible in the fastest time, then this Stealth Handgun Hanger safe is right for you. This hanger design can take up to 5 handguns and still offers the convenience of quick drawing of your firearms.

To be precise, you’ve three pistols hanging at the ready to draw position, and two guns place flat on the safe floor. And to serve the purpose of quick drawing of your guns, the door is designed to flip down upon unlock.

This Stealth Handgun Hanger safe is a California DOJ approved Firearm Safety Device. And in case you want to look it up, it is filed under Device Make: Stealth & Device Model: STL-HHS.

Features, Design, and Construction

Let’s begin by looking at the internal dimensions. This Stealth Handgun Hanger safe measures 7-3/4″ (H) x 8-1/2″ (W) x 11″ (D). And inside the safe, you will find 3 steel rods extend from a back plate and well space out for holding 3 pistol guns. The steel rods are meant to go inside the barrels to keep the guns in place.

The rods are protected with a heat shrinkable thermoplastic tubing, so it is not a ‘metal against metal’ contact with your gun barrel. So don’t worry, they won’t scratch or damage the internal barrel surface of your guns.

And of course, two more handguns can go in flat on the safe floor. Then you have in the back of the safe a 5-1/4″ deep interior shelf which you can store an additional 1 large clip or 2 small clips. The interior is lined with high-density foam on all sides for better protection of your firearms and allow quick, silent access.

The external measurement is 9″ (H) x 9″ (W) x 12″ (D) which apparently is not a convenient size for portability. But with a weight of only 14.65 lbs, it still poses risks of grab theft if it is not secured.

And speaking of securing the safe, there are four pre-drilled holes for you to bolt down this safe to any flat surfaces at your preferred location. But if this is not good enough, or you may need to move the safe anytime, a security cable is also provided to meet whatever requirements you have about securing your safe.

Security Level Assessment

The 14 gauge solid steel construction can withstand high impact force to protect the contents effectively. And the almost half an inch thick 2-piece steel door with high strength locking latch is so reassuring from the look of it. Best of all, the recessed door along with the anti-pry tabs offers the best pry attack protection.

The lock is a 4 buttons and 6-digit combo electronic locking system. Unless with a stroke of luck, there is no way your 4-year-old can get it right even after days of trying. That’s assuming your kids are that persistent.

As with all combination locks, the speed of access to your gun depends on your finger speed at punching the code and how fast the door opens. In this case, the spring loaded door snaps down immediately at the right combination entered. You won’t waste a second getting to your guns and adopt the shooting stance and fire right away.

If the name has the word ‘Stealth’ in it, you can expect this safe to be discreet in its unlocking operation. Besides being able to turn off the audible feedback from the keypad, the snapping door has a speed reducer to tiptoe the last 1/2″ opening for a quiet access.

And last but not least, the safe comes with the backup tubular key override. When all else fail, this crucial primitive lock and key system will never block you from accessing your life-saving firearms.

Other Notable Features

When the door unlocks and drops down, a red interior light is activated so you can see and have a better sense of your guns position in the safe. This visual cue can save you time and let you draw your gun with speed and confidence.

The other notable feature is the battery location. It is hidden inside the safe, so it is impossible for anyone to mess with the power for any unauthorized access.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Obviously, with the 4 buttons located at the top, you will need some space clearance if you want to hide this Stealth hanger safe under a desk, bed, or within a cabinet. So, if there isn’t enough height that can be pretty restricting.

At least your fingers must be able to reach the buttons at ease if you can do the unlocking through feel. And you should be able to insert the tubular key and open the safe without any fumbling.

If you really have to mount this Stealth safe under a cover, you can take the height of your clenched fist and add another inch or 2, that will be the minimum space you need between the buttons and the cover.


The ‘at the ready’ design and the 5-guns capacity are probably the unique part of this Stealth Handgun Hanger safe. Of course, the dependable and no-frills locking system is the prerequisite that makes it one of the best rated quick access gun safe.

This safe is most suitable for use in mid to high-risk area where stealth and fast response are keys to gain maximum protection. And the hard-to-crack 6 digits combination code is the best security to keep your firearms away from your curious little rascals.

And if you love the convenience of one-hand operation, the flip down door with speed reducer will definitely appeal to you. Of course, all the great features and locking system mean nothing without the strength of the safe’s steel body construction and the thick, hefty door.

Find out what gun makes and models other users are keeping inside this Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe on Amazon.

5. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

Vaultek VT20i Gun Safe
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If in your definition of a best quick access gun safe means, a model that is built with the latest (and reliable) biometric technology, robust, portable and a sleek exterior, this is it. You are sure to love its build features which are well thought out for maximum protection.

This Vaultek VT20i handgun safe is no stranger to the folks who need to carry their firearm whenever they are traveling. So meeting the California DOJ requirements, and the TSA airline firearm guidelines is not an option.

Enclosure Features And Specifications

First off, the interior of this Vaultek VT20i are compact but not constraining for a full size 1911, and even have space for three magazines. And of course, you can easily fit in 2x Glock 19’s or 2x Glock 23’s with an internal dimension that measures 11.0″ (W) x 5.75″ (D) x 2.0″ (H).

The 16-gauge carbon steel body gives the base protection against the elements. However, it is not fireproof and neither it is waterproof. But it is strong enough to keep your gun safe from the accidental impact and abuse by your young kids. The powder coated exterior surface gives it an industrial level protection against rust and corrosion.

The top opening door spring opens upon unlocking, so you can operate with one hand while your other hand can dial the police department in an emergency. And when closed, the door is held securely by a two-point anti-impact latch.

And one more step in securing the safe against prying attack is, the door hinges are breach-proof as they are mounted within the enclosure. And 2 tab bars line the left and right side of the door for anti-prying protection.

The external dimensions are 11.5″ (W) x 9.0″ (D) x 2.75″ (H) which allows you the freedom to stow this Vaultek VT20i almost anywhere in your car and your home. And weighing 7.2 lbs, you probably wouldn’t want to be hand carrying it for an extended period. But still, it fits in nicely in your briefcase or luggage on your travel.

The Lock System (Including An App)

The gist of this Vaultek safe is, of course, the biometric fingerprint entry. If you want fast access to your guns without taking your mind or eyes off of an intruder, this is the best form of entry. It can store up to 20 different fingerprints, so you can add users that you trust or register as many prints of your fingers as you wish.

However, fingerprint scanners can sometimes be a pain to work with, especially one which seems to have a mind of its own. A second entry mode is, therefore, an excellent backup addition.

This VT20i biometric gun safe offers you an alternative 5 buttons keypad entry, should the biometric scanner decides to take a break. And up to your security preference, you can program the pin code in 4 to 8 digits long. With over 40,000 keypad combinations, that’s a 0.0025% chance of making the right guess at the pin code.

It gets even better with the Vaultek App which you can download and install from Google Play or App Store if you are an iPhone user. You not only can unlock the safe remotely via Bluetooth, but you can also perform a whole host of tasks with the app. Such as checking battery level, switching On/Off the sound and interior light, track safe usage, and more.

And if all hell breaks loose with the electronics, you still have the ever-reliable backup key to save the day. The good old key system will never fail you unless you misplace the key.

This safe comes with pre-drilled holes for bolting it down which will make it more secure. Alternatively, you can use the security cable included in the package to prevent it from being taken away.

Notable Downsides?

If there’s anything to complain about for a portable, and quick access gun safe, it has to be the price. But once you get your hands on this Vaultek VT20i, you will hardly remember the pain.

And as usual, you get the occasional complaints about the erratic fingerprint scanner. Vaultek will replace the unit no-questions-ask. But if you are not a fan of biometric locks, there is always the non-biometric model, the VT20.


VAULTEK VT20i gun safe is modern, secure, dependable and easy to use. It could also be the best bedside gun safe where you could use on a nightstand or under the bed.

It’s compact size, and security versatility offers the broadest application or installation on low to high-risk locations, even on the go.

Whether it is to keep your gun away from the kids, or an impromptu pry attack, once locked the 16 gauge steel housing and the breach-proof door design offers the highest protection.

If you are a frequent traveler who needs personal protection regularly, this Vaultek VT20i quick access gun safe hardly qualifies as an option. Though a little pricey, it’s going to be your best investment ever.

Find out what other accessories are included with your purchase of this Vaultek VT20i gun safe on Amazon.

6. V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock, Black

Vline Brute Heavy Duty Safe
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If you need something that’s reassuring even by just the feel and looks, and of course, you don’t believe in the erratic fingerprint scanner, then don’t rule out this V-Line Brute 1394-S gun safe.

Beyond the classic box design, there lies a real protector that’s made out of security and safety in mind. The failproof access of the Simplex mechanical lock will never deny you of your guns in dire times. The ease of use and predictable reliability is all that makes this Brute safe one of the best quick access gun safe on Amazon.

And yes, this V-Line pistol safe is CA DOJ approved. Plus, this Brute is made in U.S. of A, and not in or somewhere near China. Something that is genuinely made in America for Americans at last.

Beefy Construction

With a weight of 21 lbs (9.5 kg), this Brute 1394-S is not your typical pistol safe you would like to carry around. Neither will a getaway thief be keen to try his luck.

The 10 gauge steel body construction is the main reason for its heft. Also, the heavy 12 gauge handle with anti-pry lock protection are hints that this safe is not of a portable design.

The internal dimensions of this V-Line Brute are 12” (W) x 9” (D) x 3.25″ (H), making it big enough to store two full-size handguns. Or just one gun with ample space for extra magazines and ammunition. And it can even hold your pistol with laser sight nicely within its depth.

The door is top-open with gas assisted strut for quick and silent one-hand operated entry. Once you enter the correct pin code, turn the knob and gently lift the lid handle up to access your guns. Well, that sure sounds like a ton of steps, but it isn’t once you are used to it.

Th Simplex lock recess on the 12 gauge handle faceplate helps protect the lock from pry attacks. And the Clamshell design, which is the lid edges that extend down to almost the base of the safe makes it impossible to pry open once the safe is bolted down.

And with the external dimensions as 12.5” (W) x 9.5” (D) x 3.6″ (H), this V-Line gun safe will sit nicely on a nightstand or in the closet. Or if you like, you might want to adapt it to your truck or SUV as long as you have the right interior space. The tactical black powder coat on the body surface helps to protect the safe from both scratches and rust.

Security Level

There are no electronics on this V-Line Brute 1394-S FBLK gun safe. So there are no flat batteries to deal with or concern with any electronic failures.

The dependable Simplex Mechanical Lock is all there is for security. You don’t even have to worry about misplacing any keys because there is none for this Brute safe.

The 5 push buttons can get you over a thousand combinations. And you better jot down the programmed button combination because that is the only point of entry. There is no backdoor into this lock. Lose it, and you will have to contact V-Line for solutions.

Features You’ll Like

The gas-assisted opening strut is what makes opening the heavy duty lid seem like a featherweight. It doesn’t spring up abruptly once unlock; it’ll remain in closed position. You can then lift up the door, even with your pinky, easily.

Once the door is fully opened, it will stay upright supported by the strut. You won’t have to worry about the heavy lid slamming down on your hands.

And the generously foamed interior ensures your guns are well protected against abrasion. You will have one thick foam on the lid and three layers of foam underneath. And two of those are plug-away foams which you can adapt to hold your guns snugly in place. These customizable foams are great if you have this safe in a vehicle.

What about the Disadvantages?

As with all things mechanical, the noise of pushing mechanical buttons and knob turning is hard to muffle. And if you need some lighting to operate this safe in the dark, you will have to diy to include lighting to the interior.

You should know better since this is an all-mechanical safe.

Another drawback is the lack of an override key in case you forget the button combinations. Which is why you should write down the combination and store it in a safe place accessible only by you.


This V-Line Brute gun safe is massive and yet super easy to work with. You can feel safe and confident both as a firearm storage and quick access to your guns every time. Hence, you can install this BRUTE-Tactical heavy duty handgun safe in low to high threat locations.

No deteriorating electronic parts to worry about means this safe is going to protect you for many years ahead. Plus the anti-pry design eliminates any concern of security breach and your guns falling into the wrong hands.

The lack of the backup keys is not necessarily bad. It just takes away a possibility of another point of entry for an attempted break-in. Or worst when your little ones can access and mess with your loaded guns like they are toys.

Stay safe and find out how other users are comparing this V-Line Brute against the Fort Knox equal on Amazon.

7. Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

Verifi Smart Safe S6000
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If you must trust at least one biometric safe, regardless of the cost, look no further than Verifi. That’s because the company who made it, Zvetco Biometrics LLC, specializes in biometric solutions (obviously).

Unlike other safe manufacturers who use third-party biometric products on their safes, Zvetco has its proprietary hardware and identity management solutions. This ownership of a security solution can only result in better quality control in their range of biometric safes.

And as a specialist, they (Zvetco) definitely know what they are doing when it comes down to biometric fingerprint scanning.

But what about the hardware side of their safes? Does it mean they are less than stellar compared to other safe companies? Let’s find out.

Build Quality and Construction

This Verifi Smart.Safe S6000 handgun safe boasts a thick 4mm (about 8 gauge) steel door and 2mm (about 14 gauge) steel body. And with an overall dimension of 17.4″(W) X 16.1″(D) X 7.9″(H), no wonder it weighs over 30 lbs (31.4 lbs to be exact) of solid steel.

There’s only one word to describe the overall construction – STURDY. And yes, this Verifi Smart.Safe is in the list of approved Firearms Safety Devices by the California Department Of Justice. (Model S4000 and S5000 are also on the list)

The internal dimensions of this Verifi Smart.Safe S6000’s are 17.1″(W) X 11.8″(D) X 7.3″(H), very spacious to hold more than two guns and other accessories. As shown in the image above, you can place a rack inside to accommodate up to five handguns in a ready-to-draw position.

The 4mm door that holds the lock mechanism and two 20mm locking bolts are no easy pry target. And once bolted down through the pre-drilled holes at the base, this safe is impossible to remove without deliberate effort. Plus, the door hinge is hidden, and that eliminates the possibility of any breach from the outside.

There are also mounting holes in the rear wall of the safe which allows for more mounting options.

Unprecedented Biometric Security

By now you may have noticed that there isn’t a backup keypad to enter a pin code should the fingerprint scanner acts up. If the motive of saving cost isn’t there, then that can only mean the maker of this Verifi Smart.Safe. is confident of their biometric technology.

Without another quick access backup, the biometric has to be fail-safe. And this has to be your first time hearing about a fail-safe fingerprint scanner for a gun safe.

Before this, have you ever seen a biometric gun safe without the keypad entry option? Just look up, be it Vaultek, SentrySafe, or Viking all spot the alternative keypad entry.

So what makes the biometric lock of this Verifi Smart.Safe S6000 so reliable?

Here’s what John Russell, Zvetco’s VP of Product Development explained in plain simple English about the sensor reliability on Amazon;

[quote cite=’John Russell, VP Product Development, Zvetco Biometrics LLC’ align=’none’]Most manufacturers use very cheap sensors that don’t work every time. In my opinion many are more like a gimmick, that’s why they include multi-methods like also a keypad. This is where we spent the extra money on the sensor and electronics to make the best premium biometric safe available. Your safe uses an FBI certified biometric sensor. The exact sensor which major corporations and US government agencies use. This is no knock-off but the absolute best sensor. We combined the sensor with premium electronics which includes top-of-line CPUs, power supplies, etc. We did this because we are paranoid. We want your safe to open every time. Not just most times. But fast every time.[/quote]

You want to be able to access to your guns in times of needs every single time. Isn’t that’s what really matters?

Sometimes, more is less. So don’t think having an additional entry mode is value for your hard-earned money. Especially for a security device, it can be counterintuitive when your life depends on it.

More Advanced Features

If you like the fail-safe fingerprint scanner already, then here are more features you are going to love.

When you open the safe, a low-intensity nightlight illuminates the interior. This interior lighting can help you get to your firearm quick without rummaging through the content. Or if you prefer a stealthy operation, just switch it off.

How about knowing everything that’s happening with the safe? Like someone has just attempted to unlock the safe by placing their finger on the scanner. With the ‘Tamper Alert’ function, you will be informed of such events and a history log.

This Verifi Smart.Safe. can even perform a self-check to make sure it is always in a healthy working state. It will notify you when something goes wrong. And the self-diagnostic results will be shown to you including the battery power status. So you will know when the batteries need replacement.

And you have probably made this mistake before, you close the safe door but forget to lock it. Usually, this can happen when you are in a hurry, or you are tired, sleepy, distracted whatever. With this Verifi safe, the door automatically locks itself when you close the safe.

Any Negatives?

It would be nice if the door is auto-open once unlock. This feature should cut down some milliseconds to a second when accessing your pistols. Not a significant negative, but the notion of every second count in security always stays.

This Verifi S6000 gun safe is a little pricey. But then your security is priceless.


This safe is designed by a company who knows the importance of sensor reliability and the bad experiences associated with biometric locking systems in general. And more important are those features that reflect their understanding of how users interact with their safes.

Features like auto-lock door, self-diagnostics, and tampering alert are evidence of how much the company knows about user experience.

Last but not least, the laser focus on battery power for peak performance and long-lasting. And with the regular power status check and notification, you will never experience a day of sudden death due to flat batteries.

Check out what level of customer support users are getting from the manufacturer on Amazon.

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