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Verifi Biometric Gun Safe – The Best in Its Class?


Best Biometric Gun Safe

The advantages of a biometric gun safe are apparent. Right off the bat, it gives you the quickest access to your guns compared to the other locking systems. And you don’t have to worry about losing the key or forgetting the combination.

The “key” is a part of you, so to speak and you can use it with just a finger swipe whenever the need arises. But not all biometric safes work with the same simplicity.

Currently, there has been a rise in the number of fingerprint gun safe models offered in the marketplace. And it is not going to be easy to choose, especially when this is your first time looking for a biometric gun safe.

You can either consult a friend who has experience with such devices or get some pointers from reviews like what you are reading now. So let’s get to the review proper and find out what makes this Verifi Smart.Safe. the best biometric gun safe in the marketplace.

Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor Review

The Company & Its Sensor

Zvetco Biometrics
The very first thing you need to know about this Verifi Smart.Safe. is its maker, Zvetco Biometrics. The company specializes in biometric security systems and has an impressive list of clients which consists of big corporations, medical institutions, and government departments.

They know biometrics, that’s beyond the shadow of a doubt.

And unlike most, if not all, safe models out there which uses a third party biometric reader, Zvetco manufactures the reader for all its biometric security solutions, including their gun safes.

Yes, you read right. Here’s a safe that uses the same biometric sensor like those used in major corporations and US government agencies. So the bigger question is, how does that translate into benefits for you?

A real peace of mind. That’s exactly what you are buying into.

Uncross Your Fingers

Fingers Crossed
You have probably read or heard about the horrible experiences associated with biometric safes. Or you have used one before and not entirely impressed with its accuracy and reliability.

But don’t lose faith yet, this Verifi Smart.Safe. is going to change everything you have ever experienced with fingerprint sensor locks. Or you are contemplating whether you should get one but just doesn’t know what to choose.

Whatever the case is for you, make this Verifi safe the first and the last biometric gun safe you are going to buy. And along with the other happy Verifi Smart.Safe. safe owners, you are going to love it.

All the Verifi Smart.Safe. gun safe models are designed to give you quick access to your firearms even in the most unimaginable event, every single time.

Your fingers should be used to open your gun safe and not to cross and pray that the biometric lock will work during dire times.

And in the most unlikely event (go touch some wood) that the biometric sensor fails you, you are never alone. Along with the U.S. Department of the Interior, there are numerous agencies and institutions will likely face the same problem as you. So, do you think they (Zvetco) can afford to fail you? 🙂

While the biometric reader is the main attraction, the robust construction of this Verifi Smart Safe is equally impressive.

Now to help you with a better understanding of this Verifi gun safe, let’s get into the details of the body construction, the biometric lock, and the advanced features of this best rated biometric gun safe.

Verifi Biometric Gun Safe
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Weighty Body Construction

Just when you thought this Verifi safe is a brainchild of a high-tech security company, the focus must be heavy on the biometrics and the software aspect. And less so for the rest, like the body construction, the door, and the locking mechanism.

You are wrong.

And it’s not difficult to understand why this Verifi Smart.Safe. has received so many praises on Amazon, not just for its sensor but also the overall build of this highly rated biometric gun safe.

This Zvetco safe has a 2mm thick (14-gauge), fully welded steel body. OK, to be fair this is slightly above the average thickness for a gun safe designed for home use. So nothing to shout about, but the 4mm thick (8-gauge) steel door is, for sure not your average safe door. It is comparable to what the top gun safes have to offer.

One Of The Thickest Steel Door

So in case you are wondering how is it compare to Fort Knox’s 7-gauge door for their pistol safes, which they claimed to have the thickest steel plate for a safe lid. The difference is only 1/64″ (or 0.4mm) thinner than the Fort Knox pistol box door.

A thick and solid door is always a great feature for a gun safe. Considering the door is the most abuse-targetted part of the safe. Furthermore, the hidden hinge that supports the thick recessed door is designed to be both anti-pry and breach-proof.

Though it can’t hold up against the Fort Knox’s 10-gauge body, the walls can withstand some pretty nasty abuses and deliberate high impact. And the two 20mm (3/4″) door bolts are not giving in under any harsh attacks, only when the right fingerprint is detected.

And all Verifi Smart.Safe. models have pre-drilled holes for fixed- location mounting. Even if you agree the over 20 lbs weight (over 30 lbs for S6000) and boxy exterior isn’t exactly a portable design, bolting it down onto any sturdy structure will get you the maximum security for your firearms. And of course, a peace of mind.

Smart Biometric That Makes The Safe

The reason why the sensor is so accurate and reliable lies in the quality of the components.

Zvetco uses only premium components, including a high-end processor (CPU), a stable power supply, and the FBI certified biometric sensor for all its gun safes. These are crucial components for the biometric fingerprint reader to perform at its peak consistently, day in and out.

The F.B.I. certified silicon-based fingerprint sensor uses a 3-D imaging system. It is unlike those low cost optical or small-area sensors; the 3-D system can produce fingerprint images in greater detail.

So even if your fingers are dry or losing the fingerprint ridge clarity due to aging, it will work regardless. The pin-point accuracy of the sensor guarantees fool-proof entry and eliminates multiple attempts at identification. A non-registered finger will always be denied access.

Anti-Spoof Fingerprint Identification

Another reason why the fingerprint detection of this Verifi Smart.Safe. is so accurate lies in the fingerprint enrollment process.

If you have ever tried other fingerprint sensors, most will require you to register your fingerprint for multiple positions. The sensor will then capture the variations in the fingerprint position and store them in the reader memory. The more variation you feed to the sensor, the better it can identify you.

And that’s for 1 finger only.

You probably want to register 3 or more of your fingers or all 10 of them. That’s fine as some models will have the storage capacity for over 30 fingerprints.

But the real question is, just how many inputs (of each finger) are sufficient for the sensor to identify you correctly every single time?

And it is possible there will be positions, which may be slightly different is not recognized by the sensor. So, that might explain why at times you need to try several times before the biometric reader can identify you.

With Verifi Biometric Gun Safe There Is No Guessing Work At All

You will be guided to enroll the best possible fingerprint every step of the way. It even has a practice session and provides active feedback to adjust your finger position. This way, the sensor is like telling you exactly what it needs to identify you.

And with the 3-D imaging system, you can be sure that your fingerprint is fully captured at the highest resolution. There are no uncaptured positions to worry about because your entire finger is recorded. So regardless of finger positions, as long as it’s a registered finger, it will grant entry.

And you asked, how many fingers can you register with this Verifi biometric gun safe?

The fingerprint reader can store up to 40 finger profiles. Now that’s for 40 different fingers and not 40 fingerprint images.

Of course, you don’ have that many fingers. So it’s up to you to allocate the storage capacity to other members of your family. It can be 4 people with all their fingers enrolled or 8 with five fingers each. Or just you. You do the math.

Alternative Access

You may have noticed by now, the Smart.Safe. does not include a keypad for alternate access “in case” the biometric reader fails.

And by not adding a keypad access the biometric reader has to work 100% of the time. There is no room for failure or what-ifs. This confidence can be seen with this statement by Zvetco Biometrics. And they totally make sense.

[quote cite=’Zvetco Biometrics’]Biometric safes that include both a sensor and keypad have little confidence that the fingerprint sensor will always work, so they add a keypad and pretend it’s an extra feature.[/quote]

When security is concerned, one plus one don’t always give you two. An alternative access can mean adding vulnerability to the locking system. So, that’s the beauty of this Verifi biometric gun safe. It eliminates one layer of vulnerability and adds another level of security.

What If…

Despite having the confidence of a 100% working biometric reader, there are circumstances where the reader can be rendered useless.

What if your hands are injured? To the extent, all your fingers are wrapped up in bandages.

What if the batteries are flat because of an extended period of non-usage?

What if the sensor was deliberately smashed (by an angry perpetrator who failed to gain entry to the safe)?

The possibilities above might seem a little remote, but it can happen. Anyhow, if the biometric reader can’t be used for whatever reasons, the safe comes with a backup cross-cut mechanical key. And you should guard the key like your firearms.

Please DO NOT store the backup key in the safe (DUH).

Key hole hidden behind emblem

Impressive Advanced Features

The thing that separates this Verifi biometric gun safe from the rest is the laser focus on details. Particularly in the way users interact or use their safes.

One of the features aims at a mistake you are likely to make subconsciously. While the other features give you a sense of the things that happened to and within the safe.

Leaving The Door Unlock

Forget to lock up a gun safe can be a fatal mistake if you have kids roaming around in the house. You may have just access your gun safe for an item then close the safe door and left without locking up. It happens.

At times, there are just too many things which preoccupy your mind. And safety can be easily taken for granted after a long break of non-incident. It’s just hard to be mindful at all times.

So with the Smart.Safe., you don’t have to worry about leaving the safe door unlocked. You will love the AutoLock feature because it makes the biometric gun safe a lot more secure while giving you complete peace of mind.

It virtually senses when the safe’s door is closed and locks it automatically for you. You will never leave your house wondering whether you’ve locked the safe and be forced to go back in to check.

Somebody Is Messing With Your Safe

Tamper Alert is what you really need when you are away from the safe. When an unauthorized person places his or her finger on the reader, it sets off an alert with both audible and visual notifications.

Your playful kids may find it fun to set off the alarm, so be sure to mount the safe out of reach from the kids. And with that, you eliminate one possibility of safety violation.

An alert will also be displayed when the backup access key was used, or even when someone attempts to reset the safe. The safe’s computer system logs in all events which only you can access the logged history. You will know when someone has opened the safe with the key or attempted a reset.

This alert feature will help you decide or re-evaluate the safety aspect of keeping your guns secured. Which otherwise you will be assuming everything is OK when safety and security may have been breached.

Automated Self-Check

Live Check Self Diagnostic
It is called a Smart Safe for a reason.

The Smart.Safe. has a self-check function which monitors its state of health and alerts you when something went wrong.

After every access, it will perform a thorough self-diagnostic. And you can see the results along with the battery status on the LCD screen. So you will know if it is all system goes, or it’s time to replace the battery.

And this one feature you are sure going to love it. In fact, not many users are aware of it until they get the weak battery alert. Especially in the middle of the night, it is impossible to sleep with the low-batt warning beeping away.

So what do you do? Force yourself up to change the batteries?

Up you go, but you don’t have to change the battery to silence the alert. Simply press to snooze and get back to sleep. You can deal with the battery replacement the next day and don’t worry about the weak batteries (You will know why in a while).

Low Battery Alert Indication

Other Quick Access Supporting Features

Without a doubt, biometric safe offers the quickest access to your firearms under any condition. And with this Verifi Smart Safe, you can gain access to your guns in 2 seconds flat. That’s regardless if you have just awakened, are under stress or in a panic.

Reader Handle

The only thing that may slow you down may be the surrounding brightness. In a pitch dark environment, a little night light can guide you to your guns quicker. But not too bright as to alert the intruder.

So there are two lighting features on this Verifi gun safe. One is the LCD display backlighting which lights up the moment your finger touches the sensor. And its intensity is adjustable to your preference; you can tune the light down to a lower level or switch it off completely.

The other lighting is in the interior of this Verifi gun safe which is a low-intensity nite light. It will light up when you open the safe. And its brightness is just enough to help you reach for your gun quickly.

Similarly, if you prefer a stealthy operation, you can always turn off the light completely, or shorten the interior light up duration.

And the reader is designed and mounted in such a way to allow for quick one-hand operation. You will be able to unlock and open the safe with minimal arm movement.

How Steep Is The Learning Curve?

With all those seemingly complex features of Verifi Smart.Safe., you may be thinking if the device is simple to use.

Yes, it is.

The biometric gun safe’s management system is intuitive, and you should have no problem getting around it. There is no steep learning curve to get you frustrated and stop you from making full use of all its features.

The settings are easy to program. You just need to follow the onscreen guide for programming, monitoring and changing of the settings and you’ll be fine. And it’s all done at the safe. No flipping back and forth of instruction manuals, or trying to remember where you kept the manual from your last setting if you need to change it now.

And you will appreciate the ability to assign unique usernames for keeping things organized and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access.

You will also love the independent-ness of this Smart Safe as there are no optional external devices or mobile apps to operate the safe. It doesn’t need wi-fi or internet connection for any of its functions. So all forms of remote electronics hacking are not possible.

How Long Is the Battery Life?

Battery last longer with Verifi Smart Safe

Apart from the undivided attention given to the biometrics, Zvetco is uncompromising towards powering the reader.

So comes the inevitable decision of whether to use grid power and have the safe near a power outlet, or constantly be mindful of replacing batteries.

Neither power method was chosen.

Instead, the company works on an intelligent power system that uses two power technologies – The picoPower Technology and a Boost Power Converter.

The whole idea of using these 2 technologies is to optimize battery power for peak performances of the components. It uses very little power to operate the sensor, the CPU and the rest of the system. This smart power arrangement raises power efficiency and extends the battery life significantly.

The picoPower, an Atmel technology (now Microchip), distributes power to all the components on a “when and where is needed” basis. So no power is wasted on any components that are not active in normal times.

And the Boost converter is used to step-up a dropping voltage to sustain the healthy power level for the components.

In another word, a small voltage can be boosted up by the Boost Power Converter to keep the active components running. So the brightness of the lights, the motor speed, and the sensor will always work normally even at a low-batt state.

Low Batt? No Worries And Go Back To Sleep

So that explains why you need not have to worry about the weak battery alert in the middle of the night because the Boost Power has more than enough power to last through the night, even if you need to operate the safe. But be sure to replace the battery the next day and not forget about it.

And thanks to these cutting-edge power technologies, no expensive specialized batteries are needed. Only regular AA-size batteries are used. You will be amazed at how lasting your AA-size batteries can be. And the best part is you won’t forget about the state of the batteries as it will be shown to you each time you access the safe.

Sizes & Dimensions

All ready to get a Verifi Smart.Safe. gun vault? Now you are just down to choosing the right size safe for your guns. There are only 3 models, and the specifications are the same for all except for S4000 which is a top-open model.

So here they are:

Verifi Smart.Safe. S6000

Verifi Smart.Safe. Biometric Gun Safe S6000

This is the biggest of the three models. It is front-open, so you can literally place it anywhere, as long as there is sufficient clearance space for the door which opens left to right.

The interior is lined with rubber mat (similar to those anti-slip padding place in a drawer of cabinet shelving).


External: 17.4″(W) X 16.1″(D) X 7.9″(H)
Internal: 17.1″(W) X 11.8″(D) X 7.3″(H)
Door Clearance: 14.0″(W) X 5.7″(H)

The door clearance dimensions are actually the size of the door opening. So that should give you an idea of what can fit through the door.

An Opened S6000 showing a Hyskore 3 rack inside

With that size, the S6000 is an all-purpose safe which you can store more than just guns. If you use a rack, you can keep up to five and possibly even six handguns inside. Otherwise, 2 or 3 guns will still leave you with lots of space for extra magazines and ammunition.

Verifi Smart.Safe. S5000

Verifi Smart.Safe. Biometric Gun Safe S5000

This S5000 model is compact and squarish. Except for its size, all else is similar to S6000.

If the S6000 is a little too big for your intended location, try this Smart.Safe. S5000 model. You can save approximately 16 square inches of space (width x depth). The height is the same as the S6000.


External: 13.2″(W) X 13.8″(D) X 7.9″(H)
Internal: 13.0″(W) X 9.5″(D) X 7.3″(H)
Door Clearance: 9.3″(W) X 5.7″(H)

Hyskore RackYou can easily store two handguns inside. And you can better utilize the internal space with a Hyskore rack which will hold your guns in a ready to draw position. And that will take away a few seconds from opening the safe to pointing your gun at the intruder.

With a rack, you can accommodate 3 or maybe even 4 handguns inside this S5000. You just have to make sure the rack size is suitable to fit in the safe’s internal dimension.

Verifi Smart.Safe. S4000

Verifi Smart.Safe S4000

Lastly, this S4000 is the only model with a top-open door. The heavy 8-gauge door is supported by spring shocks or gas-assisted struts so that you don’t need to hold it up to access your guns.

When unlocked, the lid will flip up smoothly and stays in an upright position. You will love the speed you can access your guns since one less hand movement is needed to open the door like the S5000 and S6000.


External: 14.4″(W) X 10.8″(D) X 5.8″(H)
Internal: 14.0″(W) X 10.5″(D) X 3.3″(H)
Door Clearance: 12.2″(W) X 7″(D)

This S4000 gun safe is the smallest of the three models and great for in-vehicle use as the height is rather flat. Perfect for under seat console or anywhere with a 15″ (W) x 11″ (D) space.

But you will need to make sure there are no obstructions above the top opening door. Or at least allow a 13″ top clearance space for the door to open fully.

The internal space should be able to accommodate a full size 1911 or 2 small handguns comfortably. And what other gun makes and models can fit into this Verifi S4000 pistol safe? You can find out more from the helpful users on Amazon.


The only drawback with this Verifi biometric gun safe is that it isn’t as quiet as you’d like it to be. The motor winding sound is clearly audible if you are anywhere near the safe.

Needless to say, if you can hear a pin drop in the silence of the night, this will be thunderous.

But that’s unavoidable with all electronic safes. Until a better and quieter alternative to the motor is available, there is really nothing you can do about this drawback.


Finally! A biometric safe that genuinely offers you quick access to your firearms without a second try at recognizing your fingerprint.

From the setting up right down to the battery replacement, everything is intuitively easy. The onscreen guide is always visibly clear, easy to read and simple to understand.

And thanks to the smart power system that squeezes every ounce of power from the battery. You will never experience a dimming LCD display, inaudible alerts, or a motor losing speed due to a weak battery. It’s power efficiency at its best, even with a low-batt warning.

You will also love the auto-lock function when the safe door closes. It just takes a load off your mind knowing everything is secured at all times. And the tamper alert just feels like you’ve got an FBI agent looking out for you for any unauthorized entry attempts on the safe 24/7.

And if that is not enough, the reputation and track record of the maker, Zvetco Biometrics should give you the confidence that they are dead serious about your security. They have to, considering the high client profiles in their portfolio who are using the same biometric sensor as you.

But don’t just take every word you have read here. Go over to Amazon and see for yourself what users are saying about this Verifi smart safe.

You can’t go wrong with over 200 user reviews, and 87% of them give it a 5-stars rating (at the time this post was written). That’s no easy feat for a biometric handgun safe to receive such rave reviews, especially on Amazon.

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  1. Would you please make a rifle/shotgun under the bed biometric gun safe. I have been looking for one for two years, but there is none currently available in USA. To me it is a strange gap in the market. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will be buying such a safe.

    • Thanks Leo. Agree. I’ll be the first to review if there’s one. 🙂

  2. How is this safe mounted so as not to be just carried off?

    • @D. Cupp There are pre-drilled holes at the back and bottom for mounting (mounting hardware is included).

  3. Does the safe make a audible beep when activated.

    • Hi Ron. Not sure what you mean by ‘activated’. The safe has a stealth mode which allows you to disable the light and buzzer sound. When you open the safe there will be the motor winding sound though.

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