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Your firearms need protection not only from curious kids and thieves but fire too. Without the appropriate protection, fire disaster is extremely devastating and dangerous. So always go for manufacturers with a long track record and has a team of experienced specialists onboard. And above all in keeping with the latest technology and standards in the manufacturing of fireproof gun safes.

The Steelwater gun safe company is one such manufacturer.

In fact, they have a variety of models you can choose from for the level of protection you need. In this review, let’s look at the best fireproof gun safes Steelwater has in its vault on three fire protection levels – 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes.

Fire Protection for 45 Minutes


steelwater gun safe
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While this Steelwater gun safe meets and even exceeds the California DOJ requirements for firearm safety devices, which is the most detailed in the country, it’s wise to look at what it has to offer more closely before you make up your mind.

Capacity and Design

This fire resistant gun safe is rather large, measuring 59 x 28 x 18 inches. And despite its heavy weight, there are holes you can use to bolt it down for even higher security.

Its maximum storage capacity is 20 long guns.

On the right is a rack you can easily fit that many guns inside. You will love the interior layout with both large and small shelves making the safe versatile for neat storage. With its 12-gauge steel construction and 4.75-inch thick door, this Steelwater iron gun safe makes a strong vault for your prized possession.

Fire Protection Features

Could this be the best fireproof gun safe for you? Its test at an external temperature of 1550 °F shows it can keep its contents intact for 45 minutes.

The door includes two layers of protective fireboard while the floor, ceiling, walls and door jambs have one. The heat-activated door seal can expand eight times to block off smoke and water (from firehoses) from getting inside.

This level of fire resistance is good enough if the gun safe is in a safe location. Meaning, it is installed away from all high potential fire hazards.

High Security?

The lock and bolt system of this safe model is gear-driven, and this offers greater resistance to prying and drilling. And it has ten one-inch diameter locking bolts. This system is definitely stronger and more secure than the standard ones featuring only 4 bolts.

Besides, there is a re-locking bolt providing a second layer of defense in case the intruder manages to overcome the lock. And there is also a special drill and ballistic-resistant hard plate giving the system additional protection.

How about Downsides?

The battery has a reasonable useful life, but there are better battery options that could last a little longer. Though this isn’t a major issue, hopefully, they will adjust and improve on future models.


For anyone who has recently begun to collect firearms, Steelwater AMSW592818-blk may be the best gun safe for the money. Of course, given its fire resistance rating (45 minutes), where you plan to install it makes for some serious consideration too. Read more user reviews on Amazon.

2. Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 45 Minutes AMSW592216-BLK

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With its slim design, this Steelwater Gun Safes model meets the California DOJ requirements, and it is the best fireproof gun safe for someone with limited space in their home.

So what are its features and USP?

Size and Make

With its height of 59 inches, it can accommodate practically any long gun. This Steelwater safe is just 22 inches wide and 16 inches deep. You may have to get a little creative to exploit its maximum capacity of 16 long guns. You’d probably put 8 or 10 at the most in it.

Despite its slim construction, you will like the internal configuration as it makes it possible to keep jewelry, documents, and other valuables in an organized way. And with a 12-gauge construction, this model is a tough cookie to crack.

Fire Resistance Evaluation

The door has two layers of fireboard while all other sides and the door jambs have one. It provides effective protection from fire as it expands and releases moisture to block the heat.

The door seal can expand up to eight times when the temperature in the room is rapidly rising, so it helps keep not only smoke and heat but also spraying water used for extinguishing the fire outside.

This safe offers fire protection for 45 minutes at an external temperature of 1550 °F.

Major Security Features

The lock system has ten number of 1-inch thick bolts. The number of bolts is more than twice the average safe. What’s more, the system is gear-driven, and this improves its capability to withstand prying, drilling and other common types of attacks.

And there is a ballistic resistant hard plate that is eight times larger protecting the digital lock, re-locker, gear drive, and linkages. Even in the event when the lock is punched out or removed during a burglary attack, the internal spring loaded re-locking mechanism will kick in to secure the safe.

Any Cons?

While the hinges are set externally, not everyone is a fan of their decorative elements. External hinges are always a weak link despite how they look.


If you don’t have many guns and you don’t plan to expand your collection anytime soon, this Steelwater gun safe AMSW592216-BLK could be an excellent choice for you.

Click here for more user reviews and information on Amazon.

Fire Protection for 60 Minutes

1. Steelwater Heavy Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593024-blk

steelwater gun safes
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If you need a big safe which can keep your guns protected from thieves and fire, this Steelwater gun safe model may just be what you are looking for with a fire rating of 60 minutes.

The first thing you need to know is that it meets the firearm safety device requirements set out in California. Additionally, it includes an outlet with 3 A/C sockets and 2 USB ports which make battery charging convenient and quick.

Roomy and Strong?

With its external dimensions of 59 x 30 x 24 inches, this is one of the more popular Steelwater gun safes. It is big and therefore takes up a good amount of space. But then it can accommodate up to 22 long guns if that’s what you need.

The sections and shelves are well-organized, and this is always an advantage with bigger safe. With a 12-gauge steel construction and door whose thickness is over 5 inches, this 60- minutes fireproof gun safe model is capable of withstanding some serious, forceful attacks.

Dependable Fire Protection?

It can last for 1 hour at an external temperature of 1875 °F. This level of protection is more than sufficient for the average home in any American city or town.

Thanks to the 5-1/8 inches thick door which has three layers of fireboard in it and two layers in the walls, ceiling, floor, and door jambs. The door seal which will expand up to eight times its thickness in the event of fire adds to the overall protection level.

The Lock System Evaluated

This Steelwater gun safe comes standard with a reliable UL group 2 combination lock. In fact, this combination lock is often recommended by experts.

But if you prefer a digital one, you can always upgrade to a UL type 1 digital lock which offers the convenience and ease of operation without compromising protection level.

The lock system has 18 bolts which are 1.5-inches in diameter, with 11 of them being active. This lock system is just about the best you can get to keep your guns safe and secure. The same applies to the gear-driven mechanism of the system which offers protection against prying, punching, and drill attacks. There is also a re-locking mechanism which will secure the safe in the event the lock is bumped out or removed by burglars.

Any Negatives?

It’s hard to pick on this Steelwater AMLD593924-BLK model gun safe for any drawbacks. But if there’s any improvement needed, an additional top shelf would make the safe even more practical.


With its high level of security, advanced features, and dependable fire protection, this Steelwater AMLD593024-BLK could well be the best fireproof gun safe for any user who’s happy with its capacity. And that’s assuming you have considered and weighed the value of your content versus the cost of the safe.

Of course, the higher the fire rating of a gun safe, the better it is for protecting your valuables against fire.

For more reviews, product information and pricing of this Steelwater AMLD593024-BLK gun safe, check out Amazon.

2. Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blk

steelwater gun safe reviews
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This massive model is imposing just by looking at it. And in addition to its heavy weight and stately built, it has a power outlet with plugs and USB ports. This feature is practical and well liked by the majority of owners of this Steelwater gun safe. They find it useful for charging batteries and for illuminating the interior as and when needed.

How Large Is It?

With a height of 59 inches and a base measuring 39 by 24 inches, this safe can hold up to 39 long guns. This capacity is great, but you have to remember that some distance between the firearms is always desirable to prevent scratches.

Therefore, the recommended maximum capacity of around 30 long guns or less would be more reasonable. You will find the interior layout to be functional, and the 12-gauge steel construction makes for a structurally sound and sturdy gun vault.

Fire Protection Level

This safe has a fire protection rated for 60 minutes with external temperatures reaching up to 1875 °F.

The door is 5-1/8” thick and includes three layers of fire-board, while all other sides and door jambs have a double layer fire-board to shield the external heat from causing damage.

And similar to the other fireproof gun safes discussed above, the door seal can expand up to 8 times during a fire breakout. That’s when it renders the needed protection against hosing water as well as from smoke.

How Secure Is the Safe?

The standard lock that comes with this Steelwater gun safe is a secure and reliable UL listed group 2 combination lock. Of course, you can always opt for the UL type 1 digital lock if convenience and ease of use are your preference.

And in case the lock is tampered with or punched, a re-locking mechanism activates and secures the safe. Clever!

What’s more, with the gear-driven locking system, the risk of submission to prying and drilling is greatly reduced. With 18 (1-1/2 “) thick locking bolts, this safe can withstand almost every high-impact attacks.

Any Drawbacks?

If you try to fill the safe to its maximum capacity, you are cramping the guns with the risk of scratches and abrasion. You definitely won’t try to do that to your prized collection. Get another safe if you have to instead of trying to save and risk a little damage to your guns.


If you have a growing collection of firearms to guard, the Steelwater gun safe AMLD593924-blk can sure provide the much-needed storage space amid its comprehensive protection features.

You can find more details and what buyers are saying about this Steelwater gun safe on Amazon.

Fire Protection for 120 Minutes

1. Steelwater Extreme Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Minutes AMHD593924-blk

steelwater gun safe
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Ratings, or the lack of it, don’t always speak the truth about a product. So when looking for the best fireproof gun safe, sometimes it makes perfect sense to look beyond the ratings. Instead, be pragmatic and evaluate the product features and specifications to get a better sense of what this fireproof gunsafe can offer.

So let’s see what this Steelwater AMHD593924-BLK gun safe model has to offer that will meet your requirements. And first off, it’s good to know it meets the California DOJ stringent requirements.

Big and Strong?

This Steelwater gun safe is enormous, just like the AMLD593924-BLK model above it measures 59 x 39 x 24 inches in overall dimension. But what’s impressive about this safe is its 9-gauge steel construction. It is capable of protecting not only from inventive thieves but also from falling beams in the event of a fire.

While its stated maximum capacity is 39 long guns, each firearm will have better protection if you don’t place more than 30 inside. And you will appreciate the easy adjustment you can make to the shelves.

How Effective Is the Fire Protection?

The model is tested and rated for fire resistant for 2 hours at an external temperature of 1875 °F. To achieve this level of fire protection; the safe has all its sides covered with four layers of fireboard to an overall thickness of more than 1.5 inches. Plus an additional layer of 1/8″ fire barrier in the walls, ceiling, floor, and door jambs.

And similar to the other models discussed above, the door seal of this AMHD593924-BLK will expand up to 8 times its thickness during a fire. This feature is to prevent smoke or water sprayed from fire hose from getting into the content area.

The Main Security Features

The 9-gauge body is useless without a robust door to go with it. The composite constructed 5-1/4 inches thick door is reinforced with a 1/4” solid steel plate and hangs on two heavy duty 1-1/4” diameter hinges. And with the massive 18 locking bolts, it gives the door maximum strength to resist every prying attacks. Each of the 18 solid steel locking bolts is 1-1/2″ in diameter.

As usual, the UL listed group 2 combination lock is standard supply which offers an uncompromising level of security. Then if you wish for quicker access, you may want to consider upgrading to the UL listed type 1 digital lock. That will provide you with the ability to set and change the code at will, thereby enhancing the security further.

The gear-driven lock and bolt system offer the added strength to counter attacks like prying, punching, and drilling.

Then again, what’s the use of an excellent locking system if the door panel could not offer adequate protection. Which is why the Steelwater series of fireproof gun safes feature a drill and ballistic resistant hard plate that is 8 times larger that protects not only the lock but also the re-locker, gear drive, & linkages.

Even in the worst case scenario whereby the lock is being hacked and removed, the re-locking system is the last line of defense. Two internal spring loaded re-lockers will secure the safe when the lock is punched out during a burglary attack.

Any Notable Disadvantages?

Are you a fan of the beveled decorative edges? To some people, it doesn’t quite appeal to them as a real feature. But that should not be a reason to avoid this useful security device if what you seek is the protection for your guns collection.


Can you find any flaws in this Steelwater AMHD593924-blk gun safe? It would seem like having a bone to pick if you tried too hard. Well, not that it is perfect but if you have to state one, then its 932 lbs weight is not something you would love to deal with when you need to relocate.

Given its features and specifications, the price should certainly make it a great investment for anyone who is serious about firearm collecting.

You should seriously check out Amazon for more information and the handful of reviews just to be certain if this is for you or not.

2. Steelwater Extreme Duty 22 Long Gun Fire Protection for 120 Minutes AMHD593024-blk

steelwater gun safe
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So you need the best gun safe for the money that can provide you with a comprehensive protection from theft, curious kids and fire? Then don’t miss out on this Steelwater AMHD593024-BLK gun safe. It could well be what you are looking for without breaking the bank.

Besides offering ample protection for your firearms, you are going to love the side feature of this fireproof gun safe – an internal power outlet with plugs and USB ports. So let’s move on with its main features and specifications.

Size and Construction

By now you should be familiar with the construction details which are standard across the Steelwater Fireproof Gun Safes. But in case you skip through, here’s the description for this 22 long gun capacity and 120 Minutes fire rated gun safe.

The 9-gauge construction of this Steelwater gun safe makes it one of the strongest models for home use. Measuring 59 x 30 x 24 inches and holds neatly between 14 to 18 long guns. Though its top capacity is 22, don’t commit to the mistake of assuming everything will look and fit perfectly. If you have exactly 22 guns, or even 21, you are better off getting the next bigger size for a gun safe.

The 5-1/4 inches door is standard in this series of Steelwater Fireproof gun safe. But for this HD model, the door is reinforced with a 1/4” solid steel plate with fireboard. The door opening measures 49” high and 20-1/16” wide.

Fire Protection Assessment

Not forgetting this gun safe is tested at a temperature of 1875 °F for a grueling 120 minutes. And to achieve this level of fire protection, all sides of the 9-gauge steel constructed body, including the door jambs are insulated with four layers of fireboard totaling more than 1-1/2” thickness and a 1/8” thick layer of fire barrier.

And to protect the content during a fire breakout, heat activated expandable door seal is used to seal out smoke and spraying water from firefighters. The door seal can expand up to 8 times its thickness in the event of a fire.

How’s the Security?

18 numbers of 1-1/2 inches thick solid steel locking bolts give the door tremendous strength to resist pry attacks. And the gear-driven lock and latch system makes for better protection against prying, punching, and drilling attacks.

Last but not least, the standard UL listed group 2 combination lock and the re-locking system adds up to a remarkable security level. And of course, if you prefer the UL listed type 1 digital lock instead, you will still enjoy the same degree of protection for your prized collections.

And with the re-locking function, you should sleep well with this last line of defense knowing it’s impossible to remove the lock without any commotion. That’s because even if the unthinkable does happen, the internal spring loaded re-locking bolt will secure the safe when the lock is being attacked or punched by the intruder.

Are There Downsides?

Nothing notable but the thing about whether the decorative appearance is a bummer for some folks is, honestly, rather lame.


The Steelwater AMHD593024-blk is the best fireproof gun safe for both the novice and experienced collector given its excellent construction, fire rating and features. And with a cost at a fraction of your valuable gun collection, it’s a no-brainer.

You can’t go wrong with this extreme duty Steelwater gun safe. Check out Amazon for more details, user reviews, and pricing information.

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