3 Handpicked Under Bed Gun Safe Models for Your Peace of Mind

Best Under Bed Gun Safe Models Review

Among the different types of gun safes, the ones designed to be placed under the bed have several notable advantages. They are hidden from plain sight while being incredibly easy to access in case the firearms stored inside are needed for defense.

Besides, they come in a wide variety of sizes to match practically any need. Many have bought and become great fans of these gun vaults, as seen from the positive reviews in forums and social media. However, it can be tough to pick a winner among the best. So instead of reviewing every great models, which you will likely end up not choosing any, the idea is to move you forward to pick one. And the one you decide on will be the one that best meet your needs.

So here are the three best under bed gun safe reviews.

1. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe + Free 52″ Dean Safe Rifle Sock

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe
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This model boasts an elegant design, but is it right for you? The first thing you should know is that the manufacturer has a solid reputation for making high-quality gun safes. Additionally, this particular model complies with the requirements of the California Department of Justice which is the most explicit in the United States.

So let’s move on to the details now.

How Large Is It?

The external dimensions of Stealth Defense Vault DV652 are 6 x 52 x 14 inches. So all you need to measure is the distance between the floor and the frame of your bed to ensure that it will fit. The DV652 model is rather slim so that’s a good thing as it can match most beds.

The internal dimensions of this under bed gun safe are 3-15/16 x 43-1/4 x 13 inches. This size indicates how large the tray is for the firearms to rest on inside. And the tray can accommodate up to two long guns. But to store three would be quite cramped. Alternatively, you can keep one long gun and one pistol inside.

Secure Construction?

The 14-gauge steel construction of this model is what makes it solid. The five-point locking bar is reliable and very difficult to overcome. It’s a strong barrier to thieves. In general, this Stealth Defense under bed gun safe weighs 74 pounds, so it isn’t super easy to drag out.

But still, it is best for you to bolt it down to make it even more secure. This isn’t a challenging task, thanks to the four pre-drilled holes and the mounting hardware included in the package. Just make sure you determine the safe’s position accurately to enjoy both high security and easy direct access to your guns.

How about the Design?

The drop-down door immediately pops open after you unlock the safe, but doesn’t hit the floor. This design is necessary since you wouldn’t want to alert intruders when you reach for your gun. The tray where the firearms lie is convenient to slide out.

The sliding mechanism works smoothly without special care. And the foam lining of the tray does a good job of protecting your guns from scratches. At the same time, you can also use the rifle sock included in the package for reducing the risk of further damage. It’s soft and durable.

The Lock Evaluated

The ESL5 electronic lock is robust and operates smoothly. You need not worry about the internal mechanism getting stuck or failing. The keypad is large, and this makes it easy to use even with big fingers.

It’s backlit, so you can enter the combination without switching on the lights. This feature alone will save you time and offers you the added protection in an emergency. If you want to make the safe even more secure, it makes sense to change the combination regularly. Preferably every three to six months.

And the long lasting battery is a significant advantage if you are a busy traveler or are always away from home.

Any Drawbacks?

The only downside to this under bed safe is the lack of a backup mechanical lock and key. You will need to remember the access code.

The Verdict

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 is a slim, beautifully-designed, functional and secure hidden gun safe. It could be the best under bed gun safe for you if you want quick access to a gun you need for keeping your family and property secure.

For more user reviews and information, visit the product page on Amazon.

2. Monster Vault Under the Bed Safe

Under Bed Gun Safe
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If you have a growing collection of guns – including long ones – and you don’t have space for one of the classic vaults, this under bed model could be an alternative solution.

It comes from a manufacturer with a good reputation and meets the stringent California DOJ requirements. Here’s an evaluation in great detail to give you an idea of how secure, reliable and convenient it is.

Size and Capacity

This Monster Vault under bed safe isn’t very tall with its height of 7 inches and can easily fit under most beds. It’s quite large, however, with the base measuring 48 by 28 inches.

The internal dimensions of the model are 5 x 44-1/2 x 26 inches, with the capacity being 3.35 cubic feet. The safe can hold items of total weight up to 100 pounds. Now, have you got an idea of what you can place inside?

This Monster Vault under bed gun safe can hold five long guns and possibly even six if you are creative. You can also store handguns in it which it can fit ten easily.

You will also appreciate the fact that the safe is big enough not only for keeping firearms but also for all kinds of valuables – from jewelry to documents.

Construction Evaluation

Two layers of 16-gauge steel bond together to form the body of this under bed safe. The door is constructed in the same way but features one 12-gauge layer and a 16-gauge layer of steel.

With this construction, this safe model offers firm resistance to opening by force. And with a weight of 140 pounds, it is not easy to even for two strong men to move or carry it. Overall it adds up to the safe’s security.

And to increase the security level, there are pre-drilled holes which allow you to bolt down the safe. This bolt-down feature is useful if you want the highest level of protection.

But still, the model’s size and weight make it suitable for transportation in a full-sized SUV, truck, campervan and similar vehicles; which means you can use it to transport your long guns safely and securely on your hunting trip. You will love how versatile this Monster Vault under bed safe offers.

Notable Design Features

The horizontal slide-out drawer design is one of the best things about this Monster Vault under bed gun safe. It makes the unit incredibly easy and quick to open. The two pulls help a lot for this too.

Whether you have a hard or carpeted floor, the drawer will slide out smoothly. And it is recommended to leave a clearance equal to the depth of the safe for maximum convenience. During an emergency, you certainly do not wish to have any obstruction to slow you down.

The carpeted interior lining is soft and durable to keep the guns well protected inside. There is no lining on the sides, however, so you just need to ensure the content doesn’t touch them directly.

How Good Is the Lock?

The digital combination lock is easy to program. The keypad is well-designed and easy to use. You can create an access code with 3 to 8 digits. Of course, you should always go for 8 digits for maximum security.

The smooth working electronic locking mechanism uses two 0.5-inch steel rods which provide more resistant to the common opening techniques use by thieves.

Any Negative Sides?

If you are particular about aesthetics, then you might find the ‘monster eyes’ of the brand’s logo on the door of the safe to be very eye pleasing. But some folks don’t mind it, and they find the logo to be creative and fun.

The Verdict

Should you buy this Monster Vault under the bed safe? It’s massive and has a large capacity while being versatile and practical to use.

You should get more pricing detail and what other users are saying on Amazon.

3. American Security Defense Vault

Under Bed Gun Safe
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It’s logical to consider the brand first when looking for the best under bed gun safe. The manufacturer of this model – also known as AMSEC – is well-known for making reliable and durable safes and cabinets for keeping firearms.

But do they make a good under bed gun safe? Let’s find out.

How Many Guns Can It Hold?

The safe is wide but not particularly deep. With a height of just 6 inches, you can easily slip it under most beds. The internal tray dimensions are 3-3/8 x 43-1/4 x 13 inches.

You can place two long guns in it at a sufficient distance from one another, and from the sides of the safe to give them maximum protection. You may be able to fit up to five handguns, depending on their size. This size is a reasonably good capacity if your primary goal is easy access to your weapon for defense.

Strong and Secure?

With a 14-gauge steel construction, this AMSEC under bed gun safe is sturdy. It will be hard to crack open using conventional tools.

And thanks to the dark protective finish on the metal which provides resistance to rust and corrosion. You can be sure that the safe will remain intact for a very long time without much care or maintenance. This feature is particularly useful for busy people who don’t have a minute to spend on maintenance.

You can bolt down the safe using the four anchor holes pre-cut at the bottom panel of the safe and the specially designed hardware which comes in the box. This bolt-down provision is always a great feature for optimizing security. Especially when the unit is not among the heaviest you can find.

When installing the unit, allow for clearance matching the width and depth of the under bed gun safe. You should not have to lie down to enter the access code.

Functional Design?

When the door opens, you just have to slide out the tray, and that’s it. You shouldn’t have to worry about the door hitting the floor, as it works very smoothly.

Sliding the tray out is also quick and easy. The foam lining makes the tray even better. It’s gentle on the firearms and practically eliminates the risk of content getting scratched. As a whole, the design is practical and well thought out.

Lock Assessment

The electronic lock works well, and this is the most important part of all. It has reliable design and isn’t easy to overcome. The numeric keypad functions perfectly too.

You will appreciate the buttons are well spaced out and not particularly small. This design minimizes the risk of entering the access code wrong by accident.

Another thing you will like about the keypad is its soft illumination which is convenient when you have to open the safe in the middle of the night. And battery life is decent you won’t have to replace too frequently.

Are There Cons?

While the protective finish enhances its durability, you will wish it came in colors other than black. Though black may render dirt and stain less visible, it can be difficult to find your gun when it’s dark even with the illuminated keypad.

Other than the only color black, the other features of the safe and its construction are well designed and produced.

The Verdict

American Security Defense Vault combines a slim and fairly compact design with good capacity. It is designed to be secure and to give you fast direct access to your firearm whenever you need it.

It could match the needs of any user who keeps a gun primarily for security reasons. To get more details and reviews, go to Amazon.

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