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3 Best Handgun Safes by Fort Knox Gun Safe

Fort Knox Gun Safe


Fort Knox is one of the well-established gun safe manufacturers in the industry. Almost every gun owners in America are familiar with the name.

Whether you need a small personal pistol safe or a 6-foot tall gun vault, they will have you covered. And one unique feature that set the company apart from the rest is its lifetime warranty for all its safe products. That’s beside the promise of using the thickest steel in all of their safes.

So now that you have found your way here let’s look at 3 of the best handgun safes that are rolling out of the Fort Knox’s USA factory year after year. And of course, you are all for simplicity and reliability. So these three handgun safes are likely what you are looking for to safe keep your pistols.

1. Fort Knox Original Pistol Box

Fort Knox PB1 Original Pistol Box

This Fort Knox gun safe is just a plain jane metal box with no fanciful locking technology or sophisticated electronics to grace its worth. The rough silver powder coat finish with the Simplex push buttons and knob are the only cosmetic applied to its exterior.

All in all, it is simple to operate, a tough nut to crack and a breeze to access your handguns. And it exceeds the CA Firearms Safety Device Requirements. If this is all you need, then read on.

Generous Steel And Solid Body Construction

With a 22 lbs weight and an overall dimensions of 4-1/4″ (H) x 12-1/2″ (W) x 10-3/8″ (D), you can probably guess the metal mass of this Original Pistol Box. Give a knuckle knock anywhere on its body, and you will instinctively know this badass is made of no-less than solid 10 gauge steel.

The fully welded 10 gauge steel body construction can withstand tremendous impact force. Unless you place this strong boy under a hydraulic press, almost nothing can crush it. Even with deliberate forceful bumps with a hammer will barely leave any dent on its body.

The antique silver finishing on the surface is a powder coat paint which protects the box from rust and corrosion. It’s the same protective coat used in all industrial machinery and equipment.

The Heavy Duty Lid

Pistol Box Lid
However strong the body construction could be is useless without a matching lid with the same or higher mechanical strength.

The lid is a one-piece 3/16″ thick (7 gauge) steel plate that has been stamped to fit the box design. And a gas strut is used to assist in the opening and closing of the heavy-duty lid, which is only logical given the weight of the lid. Otherwise, you will need two hands; one hand to lift up and hold it open, and the other to get to your gun.

The gas-assisted strut not only holds the lid open at an upright position, but it also makes the lid really easy to lift. You can easily do it even with your last finger. And as you lift the lid up a little over halfway, it will swing itself to the final open position.

And closing is just as smooth by pushing down the lid, as the gas strut won’t allow it to slam down. Think of the gas strut like a shock-absorber. It makes for a smooth and silent one-hand operation of the lid.

The lid has its edges fold down about 3/4″ so that when it is locked, it makes prying extremely difficult or impossible. And a welded partially-hidden continuous hinge offers a breach-proof way to secure the lid to the body.

Spacious, Soft & Cozy Interior

The interior dimensions of this Fort Knox gun safe are 3″ (H) x 10-1/2″ (W) x 9″ (D), which is spacious enough for two full-size 1911 handguns and still have room for cash, passports or whatever you can fit in.

Interior FoamAnd three egg crate style foams lay the interior to protect your firearms from damages. With one attached to the lid and the other two on the base of the box, the actual internal height varies with the foam compression.

When you install the safe in your car, the foams keep your guns in position and prevent rattling during motion. And in a stationary location, like on a nightstand, the foams allows you to pick up your gun without breaking the silence of the night.

With the massive weight of this baby, portability is almost out of the question. So you are likely to secure it in a permanent location. Four pre-drilled mounting holes at the bottom let you bolt down this pistol safe securely on any stable structure.

The mounting holes are covered by plastic plugs which also double as feet or surface protector when you just place it on your furniture. You can access the holes by removing the two egg crate foams.

Reliable Simplex Mechanical Lock

Simplex Mechanical Lock On The Original Pistol Box
This pistol box utilizes a Simplex combination lock which has been around for decades, and for a simple reason – They work Every Single Time. And they last for as long as the metal.

One of the best features of this Simplex lock is, it is not a spring-loaded locking system. So whatever accidental impact it receives like dropping it on the ground will not cause it to open.

And because it is all mechanical, there are no concerns about dead batteries, deteriorating or failed electronics. Neither it is susceptible to electronic disturbances like EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

But bear in mind; this safe does not have provision for a backup key. The only way to open this Simplex lock is by entering the right button combination and turning the knob. So make sure you remember or document the button combination. Otherwise, your only other way to access this pistol box is a heavy-duty grinder.

This Simplex lock has a 2-inch square locking bolt that firmly locks the lid into place. And with the five mechanical buttons which give you a total of 1,081 different combinations, it would take anyone hours to run through all combinations systematically.

It’s absurd to imagine an intruder will actually spend 4 to 5 hours trying to hack your lock’s passcode in your bedroom, with you looking on? And your little ones can never get the combination right with their little fingers which can only push one button at a time.

Changing, programming, or resetting the button combination is easy with the 1-page instruction by Simplex.

Could Have Been Better

While the three foams are thick enough to hold and protect your pistols, it would be nice to have the side walls cushioned as well.

As you may have one too many things in the box, some items will be touching the side walls. And especially on a moving vehicle, it can cause the irritating rattle. But you can always cut out some carpets or thinner foams to line the sides yourself.

This Original Pistol Box may be heavy but still small enough to transport around, so you may not want to bolt it down permanently. Hence, providing a means to secure the safe temporarily, like a security cable will be helpful.

A backup key is like a double-edged sword. It can help when you forget your passcode. At the same time, it can breach the very security you need if fallen into the wrong hands. So is it an advantage or disadvantage to having the backup key? You decide.

Model Clarification

Bear in mind the actual name of this Fort Knox gun safe is Original Pistol Box. There is no model number, neither does it goes by a fancy name. Fort Knox simply calls it the Original Pistol Box. And it is the only top-open pistol safe make by Fort Knox.

You may have come across on Amazon that says, Fort Knox PB1 or FTK-PB handgun safe, don’t worry about it. They are the same Fort Knox Original Pistol Box sold by different marketplace sellers that’s all.

And no, they are not copies or counterfeits. Amazon is strict with products origin, and they really vet through their 3rd party vendors for product authenticity before allowing them on their store.

Buying Options On Amazon

When a product is popular, it is not surprising to have multiple offers by different sellers on Amazon. In this case, you have three different offers with each giving a slight twist in their packages.

The First Offer is pretty basic. As can be seen from its product description and title, it is basically just the box.

And this is the seller that name the box as Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

Click here to check the price on Amazon.

The Second Offer includes a 13.5 pistol sock. If you need the sock, this will be a good deal for you.

The title is a little long that goes like this, Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock.

 Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe with 13.5 Inch Dean Safe Pistol Sock

But check the price to see if it’s the same as the first offer.

The Third Offer is similar to what Fort Knox is offering on its website. The offer includes a Front Sight 2 Day Defensive Handgun Training.

The title is the longest, but it keeps the original name of the pistol box – FORT KNOX (Factory Direct) Original Pistol Box + Front Sight 2 Day Defensive Handgun Training

Fort Knox Original Pistol Box Front Sight 2 Day Defensive Handgun Training (Factory Direct)

Do you need the training?

Why not check the price on Amazon and see if it’s a better deal than the first and second offer?


Fort Knox Pistol Safes
Here are two pistol safes that are similar in construction but differ only in depth. They are the Fort Knox Personal Pistol Box and Auto Pistol Box. Apparently, the shallower Auto Pistol Box, as the name suggests, is designed for in-vehicle application.

And just like the Original Pistol Box discussed above, these two front-open pistol boxes exceed the CA Firearms Safety Device Requirements.

Thick Solid Steel Construction

Despite being smaller in size, these two pistol boxes use the same steel thickness as the Original Pistol Box for its door and safe body.

Both Pistol Boxes are made with the same massive 10-gauge steel body and a 3/16″ thick steel plate door as the Original Pistol Box. And due to the smaller dimensions, the mechanical strength per se of these pistol boxes is higher in relative to the top-open Original Pistol Box.

Simply put, they are a smaller, more consolidated and structurally more rigid metal mass. Good luck with trying to crack or deform these two strongboxes without specialized equipment.

The almost 5mm (7 gauge) door uses a spring-assisted hinge for ease of opening and closing. The concealed door hinge eliminates any possibilities of breach from outside.

Dimensions & Capacity

Fort Knox Personal And Auto Pistol Box

The bigger Personal Pistol Box has an overall dimension of 9″ (W) x 5″ (H) x 12″ (D). Whereas the Auto Pistol Box which bears similar width and height measures 9″ (W) x 5″ (H) x 6″ (D).

Here are the internal dimensions and weight of both boxes;

Personal Pistol Box – 8″ (W) x 3-3/4″ (H) x 8-1/2″ (D), 20 lbs
Auto Pistol Box – 8″ (W) x 4″ (H) x 3-1/2″ (D), 13 lbs

The interior of both these Fort Knox boxes is fully carpeted so your firearms won’t get scratched.

You should be able to fit 2 handguns in the larger Personal Pistol Box, and 1 compact size handgun in the Auto Pistol Box.

Security Features

The fully welded body, the recessed door, and hidden hinge set the stage for the highest level of protection. Once bolted down to any solid foundation, these two Fort Knox pistol boxes are highly resistance to prying attacks.

The same reliable Simplex lock offers the only entry mode for both the Personal Pistol Box and the Auto Pistol box. So you have got to be mindful of how and where you keep the lock’s combination code.

Especially when the safes are anchored on solid ground or concrete wall, there’s no way you can relocate or remove the safe with the safe door closed.

Mounting Holes On Auto Pistol Box
Mounting Holes On Auto Pistol Box

Both safes have four pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. The Personal Pistol Box has them at the bottom, whereas the four holes are located opposite the door of the Auto Pistol Box.

It depends on how and where you intend to mount the boxes. You just need to make sure the door can open freely with no obstruction. So you might want to leave some clearance space on the sides, and don’t put stuff in the way of the door.

The ideal locations for installing these pistol boxes are where they can preferably be hidden from prying eyes and curious little hands, a solid and stable support structure or foundation, and must provide for quick and easy access to your gun.

What Are The Disadvantages Of These Fort Knox Pistol Boxes?

Similar to the Original Pistol Box above, there is no provision for securing the safes via security cables. Especially for the Auto Pistol Box, when there is no space to mount it in your small Chevrolet Bolt or Ford Focus, a security cable would be the next viable option to secure the safe.

Again, no backup keys. But to some folks, this is an advantage.

A common problem with all mechanical lock safes is, you need a little focus to open the lock be it with a key or keyless. It can be a challenge to unlock when you are in a state of stress, panic, tired or just woke-up from a deep sleep.

And the number one pet peeve with pushing mechanical buttons is the noise that comes with it. In the dead silence of the night, when a pin drop can be heard, and with an intruder in the same room as you, attention is never a thing you need.

Other Names And Best Place To Buy

If you go to Fort Knox official website, they are simply called the Personal Pistol Box and Auto Pistol Box. Nowhere you will see a PB4, and FTK-AUTO added to the respective box names.

But rest assured, they are the same pistol boxes from Fort Knox when you buy from Amazon or the Dean Safe Company. Or if that is not reassuring enough, you can always buy directly from Fort Knox.

Then why would anyone not buy directly from Fort Knox?

If you are particular about customer service, like the responsiveness and the tone in communication, you will find Amazon tops it all.

And there is the A to Z guarantee that comes with your purchase when you buy from Amazon. The frictionless refund, exchange or return by Amazon make for a frustration-free buying experience.

Besides, you will still enjoy the full lifetime product warranty directly from Fort Knox. So why not?

And there are buying options you can look at before deciding whether to buy from Amazon or Fort Knox.

Buying Options For Fort Knox Personal Pistol Box And Auto Pistol Box

The options are a free addon offered by Fort Knox and the Dean Safe Company. So you can choose to buy from Fort Knox on Amazon and receive a Front Sight 2 Day Handgun Training. Or, get a free 13.5″ Pistol Sock from the Dean Safe Company, also on Amazon.

So pick your choice here,


    1. Fort Knox Original Pistol Box Front Sight 2 Day Defensive Handgun Training (Factory Direct)
      Fort Knox Original Pistol Box Front Sight 2 Day Defensive Handgun Training (Factory Direct)
  1. Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5″ Pistol Sock
    Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5


    1. Auto Pistol Box w/Front Sight Training Certificate (only available on Fort Knox Official website)
  1. Fort Knox FTK-AUTO Auto Pistol Box Handgun Safe
    Fort Knox FTK-AUTO Auto Pistol Box Handgun Safe

So there you have it. The only three handgun safes produce by Fort Knox. And all three are among the best-rated pistol safes in the marketplace.

Just the lifetime warranty alone is worth more than the full price you pay. And that only goes to show the level of confidence they have in their products. But of course with the high-specs material and premium components used to build their safes, what can go wrong?

And what’s exceptional in this time and age for a low tech product such as these Fort Knox gun safes, are, they are 100% American made. So they just have to be the best handgun safes made by Americans, for Americans.

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